Monday, April 28, 2008


Project: The Interview Spectacle
We went to a vegetarian restaurant on St.Denis.
We sat for a long long time doing an interview.
A big conspicuous microphone and a huge clunky cassette recorder.
I even wore a nametag and drank a lot of coffee.
I perfected the understanding nod, even as I was thinking about my grocery lists.
Ok, not true, I was really into the conversation.
We were talking about our friend Art.
I had typed up a list of questions to keep the conversation on track.
We held that big rockstar microphone between us to capture the vibrations into the cassette recorder.
We sat close, all huddled up, a defensive against the seeming, teeming normality around us.
We were there to eat and play.
At one point the conversation got really raunchy (you know how it does that sometimes) and a very unhappy older looking woman started glaring at us. But I think she was depressed, it might have been nothing.
We stopped for a while and I eavesdropped on her table. Her son was telling her nice things about herself, that people liked her and admired her.
I noticed she chewed her food unusually quickly.
At one point her son passed her her teeth in a serviette.
It reminded me of the first day I got my retainer.
My dad took me out for lunch to Cultures.
Super self-conscious, I wrapped my retainer in a napkin and put it on my tray.
Of course it was the first damn day I had the thing, so I forgot it.
Later I had to go back and pick up 2 huge garbage bags of cultures food.
I didn't find it.

I didn't find it.


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