Friday, April 16, 2010


Once upon a time I went dancing with a rabbit. J.J.Fad was playing and I was wearing a really good wig. I drank a little too much and smoked too many cigarettes. But that was after I did a really short boring performance with my dancing partner there. It all got complicated after that day. Souls, soulmates all got bundled up into one nasty gnarly mess. I started to growl inappropriately. I'd catch myself as I was drinking too many coffees. I started to sacrifice sleep to Not Sleeping. My body started to change and I was no longer in control, it took me to warm places I wanted to be. Leigh Bowery was there and kept giving me bad catty advice including dodgy clothing options. I began to doubt his sanity. I made frijoles refreitas dancing and smiling the whole time. At last one day I was happy but it didn't last. There was just too much damn traffic. We had a last meal and parted ways. After that I became a candy butcher and a big phat ghost in need of a tan lodged itself in my basement and just wouldn't come up the damn stairs. Here we go!<---no me (Hellohellohellohellocanyouhearme?escúchameporfavorperdónamexoxooxoxoxo)


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