Monday, July 9, 2012

An invitation to The Thing about George

Ѿ§**For the first time in North America**§Ѿ As part of the Home Theatre Festival of California Studio One.Two.Three presents The Thing about George A show for very small audiences featuring the lovely and extraordinary Kyla Gilbert
An existentialist androgyne and a candybutcher walk into a bar.... O George!! What are you up to? And what exquisite eye makeup you have!! Come and see The Thing about George featuring a quirky circus ticket seller and a peppy candybutcher. This performance art piece explores the nebulous delectability of language, context, culture and meaning. yummmmmmmmm For one night only! Friday the 13th, July 2012 Doors open at 8 and 10 pm Show is approximately 20 minutes Unit 32A-999, rue Du College, Montreal, H4C 2S3, a 5 minute walk from orange line metro stop Place St. Henri N.B.: This show has a very limited audience size. ONLY 9 spots per viewing. Tickets are $7 each and mustmustmustmustmustmustmustmustmust be reserved beforehand by contacting Anna at


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