Tuesday, November 6, 2012

ÉMERGENCE! Dans la tête de Louise Bourgeois. du 2 novembre au 16 décembre

Émergence! Dans la tête de Louise Bourgeois Exposition temporaire - Art (Art contemporain) Du 2 novembre 2012 au 16 décembre 2012 Lieu : Art-image et espace Odyssée Renseignements : 819 243-2345, poste 2528 Artistes: Catherine Baril, Adriana Gutiérrez Mejia, Sabrina Lafontaine, Anna Jane McIntyre, Valérie Mercier, Nadia Nadège, Vovanne Cette année à Émergence! les artistes de la relève de la grande région d’Ottawa / Gatineau devront pénétrer Dans la tête de Louise Bourgeois. Ces jeunes professionnels investiront l’espace du centre d’exposition Art-image pour vous présenter des oeuvres inédites en hommage à cette artiste qui a grandement influencé le monde l’art contemporain. Renseignements complémentaires : http://www.gatineau.ca/artimage/ And here is my contribution, properly installed.
And a few words about the project: My installation, Les ti-neufs, is a series of nine wooden dolls referencing Louise Bourgeois' 9 plate intaglio series entitled, He disappeared into complete silence. The dolls' shapes are anthropomorphised geometric forms inspired by her surreal etchings and parables. I have attempted to make the dolls lovable through the logic of Bourgeois. They are all painted with an undercoat of blue, her favourite colour and sport legs with high heeled shoes, hands wearing gloves, as in her drawing, La femme fière d'elle même. With this project I attempted to channel Louise Bourgeouis' spirit and create what she may have done if she had worked with wood. The nine dolls are carved from cedar and pine, lovingly coloured with handmade paints, Indian ink, gold leaf and beeswax. Arranged in a grid three by three on the wall, the dolls allude to Bourgeois' love of geometry. They hang on the wall like the drying vegetables of her youth. Their eerie shadows hint at the life, stories and secrets they hide within. In this work fantasy and reason are once again on equal terms. Les ti-neufs is a playful love letter crafted in wood to Bourgeois's ghost and amazing artistic legacy.


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