Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Projet Circulation during Journées de la Culture 2012

During the 2012 edition of Journées de la Culture, Atelier Graff invites the public to participate in Circulation, a project featuring print-based artistic interventions located both inside the printmaking studio and within its Plateau neighbourhood. Conceived and curated by two members of Atelier Graff, Andréanne Bouchard and Geneviève Turcotte, Circulation is a project that aims to create a synergetic exchange between Atelier Graff, the surrounding Montreal community and the practice of five contemporary print artists: Andréanne Bouchard, Guillaume Brisson-Darveau & Pascaline Knight, Anna McIntyre and Geneviève Turcotte. Project Circulation: The interventions The bridge and the river In Park Lafontaine, Geneviève Turcotte invites you to become a player in a life size parlour game with strange rules.
On the road Andréanne Bouchard cruises through the neighbourhood on her bicycle, which is also a mobile silkscreen workshop. Come and see what sweet printmaking treats she has to offer!
The bewitching of senses In the alley directly behind Atelier Graff, Guillaume Brisson-Darveau and Pascaline Knight stage an extra-sensory printmaking ritual. Don't forget to wear something that can be printed on!
The troop of good old times Anna Jane McIntyre invites you to collaborate with her in printing a fabric love letter to Montreal in Park of La Bolduc. Prepare yourself for an unusual alphabet…
Atelier Graff invites you to discover the secrets and magic of modern day printmaking. Come and enter the creative process of 5 dynamic artists as they open up their practice to collaborate with the people of Montreal. About Atelier Graff Atelier Graff is an artist-run centre and printmaking studio that supports research, experimentation and creative approaches in print-based media. Atelier Graff engages with the current critical discourse by promoting new practices and fostering the development of printmaking as a contemporary art form. Its members, professional and emerging artists from an array of disciplines, enjoy a stimulating environment of creative synergy that encourages individual and collective artistic development.


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