Monday, November 21, 2016

Erzulie & I

Sometimes Life is perfect.
Here am I on the same page as Erzulie Freda, randomly quoted in an article in Curator: The Museum Journal for interpretive planners on the 2014 Vodou exhibit at Museum of Civilization in Ottawa.
Then discovered by my mums who happens to be such an intrepretive planner.
This particular exhibition was very special for me.
I rented a car and drove from Montreal to see it with Inigo, who was a baby at the time.
Then I wrote a comment in the visitor's book thanking the curators for such a beautiful show.
And then my motehr read my comment on page 34 of the article 2 years later.
Shaping a Richer Visitors' Experience: The IPO Interpretive Approach in a Canadian Museum Authors Jean-François Léger First published: 21 January 2014


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