Monday, April 28, 2008


I went to a Pop Montreal drawing gig party outside at a park on a St. Laurent corner. When I arrived someone said " You look like a princess", except they said it kind of mean, see? Like I thought I was great or something. I was sort of dressed up because I was going out later, maybe I was dressed in all white. I might have been going through a phase. I sat down and began to chat with Kit who I happen to think is hilarious and for some reason we got onto Osgoode Schlatter's disease. She'd never heard of it before. I told her the crazy story of when I was a kid living at 138 Digby road and I fell on toothpick left over from a marshmallow and toothpick art project I'd been storing in my closet. Anyway,s the toothpick went right into my knee and locked it at 90 degrees and my parents thought it was the Osgoode's disease which I had. I was trying to explain but they weren't listening and we ended up at the hospital. When the doctor took the toothpick out, my dad said "Why didn't you tell me? I would have taken it out at home." Here are some of the drawings we all did that Pop Montreal day, sipping breswkis in a drawing crew.


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