Tuesday, June 15, 2010


First Saint-Laurent Blvd. STREET FAIR of 2010!

" La Centrale
infiltrates for the first time this summer the Main Madness with its heteroclite workshops and performances! Not to be missed: workshops, performances, intimate conversations and shows! "

I will be taking orders for non-accurate portraits and love letters.

Ok, so this is how this project turned out. I had ONE portrait request, which I insisted on of my friend Rebecca, who kindly visited me. And ONE love letter attempt. However, it fizzled before the end. In fact I barely got the "Dear so-and-so " part down before the project died. I had made a mistake in writing the names and wanted to include this in the letter it was after all a documentation of our negotiations and miscommunications. This did not please my client. We aborted the project. I tried to refuse payment, but she hid a loonie behind my flower vase....


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