Friday, July 23, 2010

Drawing Clubs in Montreal

Imagine you are in Patzcuaro, Mexico where it is hot in the sun and cold in the shade. You are tired of seing things to buy and so you wander into an old convent-turned-art museum where you discover the most amazing array of masks. You sit down on the cool stone floor to capture them in watercolour and Indian ink and at once become a sort of spectacle as people step up to you and peer in asking you polite questions in Spanish and smiling. Well! Imagine later you are looking at these odd sketchbook renditions and your mind wanders to envision that all these strange faces are in fact the same person in the throes of an orgiastic sexual encounter, huh! (Either that or trying to change a bolt with the wrong sized spanner.) What if that person's name was Jesus and they were especially capable of faclal manipulation and transformation? That would explain these two pages.

Drawing Clubs in Montreal

1. Drink & Draw

2. Galerie Rye


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