Sunday, July 11, 2010


In December of 2009 I was at the Montreal Notre-Dame Salvation Army checking out their awesome toy collection and trying to decide which ones I would pimp for my bazaar table at the Puce Pop craft fair. Now as I was wandering around I could hear in the background a group of spirited and humorous men talking amongst themselves. I could sense it was a bit of a performance they were giving. I had seen them before at this particular S.A. and was always curious to know if they worked there or were just hanging out. They seemed to be treating the place a bit like a clubhouse. Anyways, it turns out I was caught on film. The funny part is that the film, which I learned I was in through friends of friends...was directed by my art studio neighbour!!! literally I am 32A and he is number 32 and I'd never met him!!! The film is called Too Many Things and the neighbour is Donigan Cummings.

And I learn again and again that life is lovely and surprising, koo koo choo look at you.


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