Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Cat in the Ferns

Fall is coming, I can smell it. Once upon a time, when I lived at 3644 Clark street I sat very still on a blue spiral backyard staircase 2 floors up. It was sunny but fresh. Next door (to the left to the left!) was an immaculate garden. I sipped tea and listened to the chestnut tree. Out of the corner of my eye there was a flash of fur. Can you see the cat in the ferns?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Woodcut course at Atelier Circulaire

Instr. : Anna McIntyre
Lundis: 7 février au 28 mars de 18h à 21h
Mondays: February 7th to March 28th from 6-9PM
Coût/Cost : 151,25 $ (taxes et matériel de base inclus)

La gravure sur bois est une forme ancienne d'estampe. Ses origines remontent à plusieurs milliers d'années. Dans ce cours, les étudiants apprendront à planifier, préparer, graver, encrer et imprimer (à la main et avec une presse) leurs plaques de bois. À travers la découverte de cette passionnante technique, une attention spéciale sera portée au développement de l'expression unique de chaque individu.
The woodcut is an ancient form of printmaking with its origins spanning thousands of years ago. In this class students will learn how to plan, prepare, carve, ink and handprint their wood blocks. A special focus will be spent on developing each student's unique expression within this exciting medium.

For more information contact Atelier Circulaire

The Staring Contest

Staring contests are good for the soul. They're also good for relationship building. The advanced contests involve attempting to smile the whole time. Ouch! I was encouraged to do this teency tiny super simple silly-times-infinity animation with the help of Sean Wainsteim way back when and o-s0-long-ago, 2000? 2003 I don't know I can't read the date at the end. ( By the way Hi Sean!!! How is it going in India? ) At the time he was the director of Ghostmilk Studios which has done all kinds of amazingly creative media projects, but now he has another co. and you can check out what he's up to NOW if you just click here------------------------------------>x.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The dung beetle, the chap book & I

Ok ok so I did the cover illustration for it, but honestly it's a fab little book!! It is a perfect, friendly size and instantly zapped me into my childhood past, reminding me of Beatrix Potter children's books. It is the equivalent of Owl or Chickadee magazine for adults and is filled with many outlandish and exciting scientific adventures that remind us of the gorgeous possibilities, mysteries and oddities that exist on our curious planet. Immediately after reading, I poured myself a glass of red wine, see page 81 to read why!! An uplifting and charming little book my only complaint is that it could have used a few more illustrations...

You can buy it here ---> x.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Katrin Leblond

I wandered into Katrin Leblond's Montreal store as I was showing my friends Chris & Nunu around(of Nunu Ethiopian fusion restaurant in Toronto) . I modeled one of their fun love t-shirts.Check out August 4th!!
You can see the custom 5 foot woodblock print I did for team Nunu on the left hand side of this photo.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Black Superheroes

I am half black and I like to read about blackness in all forms. I grew up with a strangely anemic collection of black-people visuals from popular media, so it was such a delight to find this tongue-in-cheek and yet insightful article on black superheroes.

The hows and whens of wearing glow in the dark skeleton pants

I realise now that in life there are how things should happen and then there are how things happen.
I recently broke with my longtime lover-friend-confidante. It is truly over as we have officially exchanged all our stuff.
Today I moved his emails into a folder titled "Love".
What does this say about me? I don't know. Perhaps it is akin to a print I once did. The print in question was a portrait of a woman who in her hand held a jar, which in turn contained a heart. The text read " She carried him in her heart everywhere".
At any rate, my love has returned the mug I made for him. I am drinking from it now along the cracked side.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Movement: Art vs. Sport

My pa took these rugby pics. You cannot get results like this when you try. I think they are beautiful.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Saving yourself is good for You a.k.a A Spoonful of Sugar

Oooeee a new poem from Abra Cadabra!

Good for you is good for me
Good for you is good for me
Good for you is good for me
I still feel sad
Sometimes I sit in my yellow yellow t-shirt in the rain and wonder
where everything went.
My bicycle is on the grass beside me.
The sky cries so I don't have to
Do you know what I mean when I say good for you is good for me?
Well, I barely know myself, except I know that I don't mean any harm.
I hope you are all happy and free and in love with the beautiful spirits in your lives
(fuck free fuck free fuck free fuck free)
Sometimes I just want to spit, but I don't mean it.
I watched Pippa Lee today and I had to do my own crying because it was sunny outside.