Friday, October 7, 2016

Xylon hors normes -

a group show featuring printmakers who explore woodcut printmaking in an out of the ordinary way!! at Galerie d'art Stewart Hall 176, chemin du Bord-du-Lac - Lakeshore Pointe-Claire, h9s 4j7 514 630-1300 poste 1778 Du 3 septembre au 16 octobre 2016 de 12h à 17h Here is my contribution to the Xylon hors normes exhibition. Minstrel pyramid/ Je dérive nue avec les yeux grands ouverts is a sculptural work created from a teetering assemblage of imagined animals. The animals are arranged in a symbolic pyramid arranged from largest on the bottom to smallest on the top. The title is radically different in French and English in reference to the difficulties in translation when crossing cultures and languages. The largest animal, a winged llama rabbit with the paws of a lion, was carved from cedar and pine. The additional ascending animals are created from papier maché with a collage of various papers including a 22 x 30 inch woodcut I created for this exhibition. These beasts are a mashup of fauna selected from imagined and impossible forests in England, Trinidad and Québec.One can never stop being oneself and so I made no effort to court originality in this piece. The work was brazenly inspired by Maurizio Cattelan's 1999 sculpture, Love Lasts Forever, which was in turn inspired by the Brother's Grimm fairytale Town Musicians of Bremen. Photography by Christina Lovegrove Thomson