Tuesday, November 30, 2010

R.I.P. The Official End of an Era

Perhaps this should be titled "It's ok to cry when you say goodbye to a metallic friend you have to sell for scrap because you can't afford to fix it and it will be squished and mutilated and stripped of parts and you are kind of an animist".

Today my van died and has been towed to the scrap yard. So sad! I will have to replace this part of my identity...Well I guess it's cheaper to pimp my bicycle anyways.

Good news is that the amazing contemporary throat singer Tanya Tagaq has agreed to let me use her song Origin for the Harbourfront shadow puppet play performed in (and filmed by) Libby Hague's Free Radical extravaganza. For more info on Tanya Tagaq's throat singing you can see her work here ---->www.tanyatagaq.com Special thanks for the permission of Jericho Beach Music

OOoooooo you should check out her awesome video Tungijuq here---> x


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